Conquer Fitness host 'Tough Mudder' style fitness competitions in the Chesire countryside, where teams take on the challenge of unique workouts stationed across a middle distance trail run. Designed to push competitors to the limits of their fitness, all challenges are focused on functional movements scaleable for all levels of fitness & age.
Yolk Media have covered several events for Conquer Fitness dating back to 2018, with our videos featuring extensively on their website to help visitors to easily understand what the Conquer events are all about.
After successfully covering two previous Conquer Fitness events in 2018, Yolk Media were asked to return for a third time to capture Conquer’s biggest event yet: 'The Cloud Challenge II’.
We were more than familiar with the task at hand and knew what we needed to capture for an epic promotional video. Mud, sweat, rain and smiles - this was the key formula. The determination and community spirit shown by the athletes and families that took part made the event a rewarding experience to film.
Contestants start at base camp and tackle a number of gruelling obstacle courses before climbing to the peak of The Cloud - a stunning National Trust park locked in Cheshire.
The video above was created for viewing on Facebook and the Conquer Fitness website in order to provide contestants with a vivid memory of their day, and to promote future events.
Following the huge success of the original 'Cloud Challenge', the team at Conquer Fitness wanted to work with Yolk Media again to promote and cover their next event titled 'The Wild Winter Challenge'.
The brief for the promotion was simple; a short, energetic teaser video that could be displayed on Conquer Fitness’ social media channels to highlight the different workstations on offer at the main event, whilst showcasing the key information required to promote the event and encourage an increased number of participants to sign-up.
For the main event, Yolk Media captured footage of each of the different workout stations to highlight the gruelling physical activity that participants had to endure. Interviews with new and returning athletes were included to show just how rewarding completing a Conquer challenge can be.
For the first (original) event, Yolk Media were tasked with creating a promotional trailer and a larger video covering the event itself.
The trailer was produced 3 months prior to the event taking place and was used extensively by Conquer Fitness across their social media channels to encourage as many sign ups as possible.
“I would like to take this opportunity to applaud the team at Yolk Media, from start to finish they immersed themselves in the Conquer project and became an integral part of our marketing team. This enabled them to completely understand the scope and scale of our event and thus capturing this perfectly across both the promotional shoot and the footage from the day of the Cloud Challenge. They certainly went the extra mile, or two on this project and we are looking forward to working with the team in the future.”