Tanita are a global leader in body composition monitoring via bioelectrical impedance analysis (BIA) technology, with sales of over 28 million professional and consumer body composition scales. Their focus is to provide innovative health monitoring solutions both to forward thinking individuals and businesses who want to make informed decisions about improving health, fitness and wellbeing levels.
Yolk Media were asked to create a piece of work that would showcase the Tanita products and highlight how they are used by clients, whilst feeling ‘cool and sleek’ to help steer the brand image away from a clinical and medical professional feel; complementing future marketing strategies. For this film we had the opportunity to work with The Fitness Space on Deansgate, Manchester - a bespoke personal training space that utilise Tanita products as part of their service offering.
Tanita have used this film to grow their brand through online digital marketing, and at conferences and events where the film is displayed on a big screen to get the most impact.
“We had a fantastic experience working with Jake and James from Yolk Media. As a well established yet changing brand and a growing requirement for video content for social media and events, the guys really helped us from concept to completion and worked hard to understand our future brand identity. We look forward to continuing our partnership and creating content with you both.”